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Standard fees 

We are mainly operating via telephone or Zoom/Teams. We are continuously aiming to return to face-to-face practice. If you would prefer face-to-face, please let us know so that we can see if any arrangements can be made. 

Our standard rates are charged per hour which is paid by bank transfer before each therapy session. This is our chosen method of transaction as it enables greater levels of transparency between therapists and clients, and reduces the number of non-attendances which will have an impact on effectiveness of the therapeutic support. 

Mental health services we offer:

Initial Consultation and suitability assessment (up to 35 minutes): Free 
Hour Zoom session: £70

Hour Telephone session: £70

Hour Face-face (currently unavailable): £70 + room hire fees (depending on location)
Weekend Hour session (Telephone or Zoom only): £80

At elegant minds, we understand that our availabilities may not always align with potential clients schedules. Therefore, we offer one-off consultations to enable clients the opportunity to tell a professional what they would like to talk through, and we would make recommendations regarding what types of therapy may be useful for whatever they discuss. The consultation session also helps clients understand the nature of therapy and gain insight to what different types of therapeutic approaches (e.g., CBT, Psychoanalysis, DBT etc) may be useful for, so that you can get the right type of support for you. These sessions last an hour and need to be pre-booked and paid for ahead of the consultation.

One-off consultation session (Telephone or Zoom only): £50

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