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Testimonials; what others have to say about us

"Kai is patient and understanding, gives me time and space to come to a conclusion about a thought. He is very good at continuing on themes and always speaks really calmly. I feel like I can trust him, he isn't judgmental and he helps me to understand what I am going through in a rational way. 

This is my first experience with therapy, and it is so nice to have somewhere to put my thoughts. I feel like I pay more attention to other things that will make me feel good; food, exercise, sleep, water!" 

- Client, 23 years old. 

"Shannon has been wonderful! She is kind and understanding whilst being professional and focused. She helped with developing insight regarding my behaviours, unpacking my thoughts and assumptions that were having a negative impact, then helping me to identify how these could be better managed. She helped me rethink my own perceptions, focus on more positive aspects and create a more balanced and realistic view of my work, home and personal life. Just the opportunity to speak to an impartial person on a regular basis was extremely helpful, and Shannon provided well balanced, curious, thought provoking and insightful support - tinged with a welcome level of humour and friendliness that made our sessions enjoyable as well as productive. I really appreciate the help she provided - I dread to think what state I would be in if I hadn't received this support" 

- Client, 36 years old. 

Flower Girl

"I am quite pleased with the service I received. Shannon has been a huge source of support for me. I am much more confident now, and I have noticed a shift in how I think and act. The quality of my life has improved, and I am equipped with some quite effective strategies to deal with my anxiety."

- Client, 42 years old. 

"I am so grateful for the time Shannon has given me. It's hard to put into words how much she has helped me, and her patience and constant support has helped me to challenge my anxiety and BDD (Body Dysmorphia Disorder). I will always be grateful for our sessions."

- Client, 20 year old. 

"I started seeing Kai when my mum realised that therapy was the only way to deal with a compulsive nail plucking disorder alongside immense anxiety and ADHD. My mental health has massively improved since I started talking with him about three months ago. Through discussing things I don't usually feel comfortable talking about, and helping me address the root cause of my feelings and actions, he has given me the insight and strength to question my behaviours and exercise discipline when it comes to resisting some of my impulsive tendencies and setting up boundaries I never used to be comfortable enough to set, with myself and others. 

I have already reduced my dosage of antidepressants and feel comfortable to go off them eventually in the knowledge I will still have Kai as a support system. Couldn't be happier to have found him as my therapist." 

- Client, 24 years old. 

"Kai was extremely understanding and non-judgemental with his approach. He allowed me to have a safe space to talk through my problems at a pace that was comfortable for me. He was very patient and made me feel heard and seen. Since receiving counselling I'm not as hard on myself and have developed ways to give myself grace. I understand myself a lot better now and have become aware of my negative thought patterns and how they impact my daily life. I have been introduce to some new coping strategies and have found them helpful. I am beginning to stop thinking so black and white and being a bit more nuance in my approach to situations - this has been particularly helpful."

- Client, 25 years old. 

"I really enjoyed Shannon's sessions which were very engaging and never boring. Her knowledge and techniques were so helpful and I gained a lot of insight into my relapse which hopefully put me in good stead to keep things on an even keel. I made great progress in Shannon's sessions. Thank you."

- Client, 46 years old. 

"Kai is the most amazing therapist I've ever had; he helped me move forward with my life and changed my mindset, gave me hope and honestly saved my life."

- Client, 18 years old. 

"Kai is brilliant asked really good questions, facilitated discovery for myself which was really helpful."

- Client, 24 years old. 

"Kai is an amazing therapist, I am so grateful. He is the best thing for this year for sure, he is definitely a big part of my adulthood."

- Client, 23 years old.

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